How to enable SSH on a Synology NAS

Ever wanted to manage your Synology NAS by CLI or execute some scripts by CLI? We’ll show you how you can either enable Telnet or SSH on your NAS.

Note: Preferably choose for SSH as this method is the most secure one (encrypted data) and is commonly used on port 22. Telnet will transfer the data over plain text and uses port 23 by default.

Point your webbrowser to your Synology NAS and log in. You can do this by either using the Quickconnect ID or entering the IP address of the Synology NAS.

1. Open ‘Control Panel’

Once logged on, open the ‘Control Panel’.

2. Set view to ‘Advanced mode’ and click ‘Terminal & SNMP’

Enabling the ‘Advanced Mode’ will give you a lot more possibilities for managing your Synology NAS.

3. Select SSH and click ‘Apply”

Select the option SSH and click ‘Apply’. If you want you can change the SSH port.
Note: When changing the SSH port you also need to enter the correct port when attempting to connect to the Synology NAS.